Leaping Lizards


I was born and raised in Indiana and always had a love for turtles. I moved to Tennessee for college and graduated with a Bachelor’s in business administration, but I’ve also always had a desire to teach. Admittedly, I tended to stay away from snakes and never owned my own reptiles until moving to Southern Utah over a decade ago. I had NO idea what I was missing all those years! During my 5 years of running the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Visitor Center and working as Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Reserve my love of all things reptile grew.

Educating the public about these amazing creatures truly became my passion.  I visited nearly every school in Washington County as well as countless corporate functions and community events with many different species of reptiles.  Upon having my son, I made the decision to quit my day job to be with him and, along with my husband, just focus on some reptile rescues and rehoming. I am excited to be back to entertaining and educating the public about conservation and, of course, letting everyone get to know my beautiful scaly friends!

Lacey McIntyre, owner

Business owner, Lacey, sitting and feeding a tortoise.
Two tortoises in their habitat.
Photo of tortoise and leafy greens.

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